10 Best Places to Install Synthetic Turf in Denver

10 Best Places to Install Synthetic Turf in Your House-denver

You know what they say: home is where the heart is. Chances are you want your home to look its best! Synthetic turf in Denver is a fantastic option for creating beautiful landscaping around your home.

Unlike real grass, it’s easy to maintain, stays green year-round and you can install it on various surfaces, such as wood, concrete and more. And if that’s not enough, artificial grass also offers a ton of safety benefits, such as a non-slip surface, impact-absorbing padding and pollen-free fibers.

Here are some of the places where synthetic turf will make the biggest impact:

Front Yards

Installing artificial turf in your front yard is one of the most cost-effective ways to give your home a makeover. It can improve your curb appeal, reduce maintenance costs and even increase property value.

Besides creating a picture-perfect lawn, you can:

  • Use artificial grass with plants for visual interest and variety.
  • Border pathways and other front yard hardscapes with synthetic turf.
  • Have installers form hexagons and other geometric shapes to create a modern, stylish vibe.

Backyards with Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass is a great choice for backyards because it can withstand foot traffic from yard activities, like grilling, playing sports and having parties. It also provides a soft surface for kids and pets to enjoy playtime in the backyard.

There are many ways to maximize your yard. Besides turning your backyard into an evergreen wonderland, you can:

  • Set up a custom course-level putting green for 24/7 tee times.
  • Create a life-size chess board for some memorable fun times.
  • Make outdoor seating areas more inviting with an artificial grass installation.

Side Yards with Synthetic Turf

It’s easier to grow grass in large, open spaces than in small, narrow zones like side yards. The soil is often infertile and the area is typically shady. None of these affect artificial grass, which stays in great shape in any space with minimal upkeep.

Besides giving your side yard a lush, vibrant lawn, you can:

  • Create a decorative path using different colors of artificial grass.
  • Make a golf strip with synthetic turf for putting greens. (You can make it extend to your front or backyard.)
  • Build an outdoor dining or living area complete with lush, green carpeting.

Gardens using Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf in Denver doesn’t just make life easier for homeowners; it also makes life better for plants. Artificial grass doesn’t need water or nutrients from the soil, so it has no impact on your plants.

Besides making your garden look like a lush oasis, you can:

  • Separate your plant sections (flowers, vegetables, etc.) with a soft, evergreen turf strip.
  • Spruce up trees by installing artificial grass around them.
  • Make an artificial grass hedge to give your garden a more secluded feel.

Playgrounds with Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass is soft enough to cushion falls but firm enough to give kids a solid surface to play and run on. It also lessens the risks of scrapes, abrasions and other injuries.

Besides using artificial grass to give your playground a safer groundcover, you can:

  • Make courts for various sports, such as basketball and soccer.
  • Border sandboxes with artificial grass to make them easier to clean up.
  • Build a mini-golf course—complete with fun obstacles—for your little ones.


Artificial grass can transform your patio into a beautiful, attractive outdoor getaway. It’s durable, easy to maintain and looks great with any patio hardscape.

Besides making your patio look like it’s an extension of your lawn, you can:

  • Add artificial grass accents to a wood deck or stone patio.
  • Create an island of green in the middle of your patio.
  • Lay a path of grass leading to different parts of your yard (or just around your patio.)


Artificial grass has great drainage, so you don’t have to worry about spillovers from car wash days creating puddles on the turf. It also helps with temperature regulation, stopping your driveway from getting too hot during the summer months.

Besides using synthetic grass to offset your driveway’s hardscape, you can:

  • Break up large driveways with turf to create visual interest.
  • Create synthetic turf walls on either side of your driveway.
  • Border your driveway with different kinds of artificial grasses.

Poolside Areas

If you’re looking for a way to make your poolside area safer and more stylish without dealing with a lot of upkeep, look no further than an artificial turf installation in Denver, CO. It neither gets slippery when wet nor adds dirt or mud to the swimming pool.

Besides covering your poolside area with turf to make it more inviting, you can:

  • Level up your poolside landscaping with synthetic turf.
  • Swap out your poolside shower area’s tiles with soft artificial grass.
  • Give your poolside lounge area a non-slip, foot-friendly ground cover.


A small balcony doesn’t have to mean a lack of green space. Artificial grass can be used as balcony flooring to add a touch of nature to small spaces. It’s also easy to install, low-maintenance and eco-friendly.

Besides breathing new life into your balcony using synthetic turf, you can:

  • Design a relaxing space that’s perfect for meditation.
  • Create a comfortable lounge area that’s perfect for enjoying the view.
  • Build a turf wall or hedge to make your balcony more private.


Artificial grass has become a very popular material for rooftops due to its ability to reflect heat and its lightweight compared to natural grass.

Besides creating a lawn on your rooftop, you can:

  • Make a rooftop garden.
  • Create a great seating area or picnic area.
  • Put in a putting green so you can practice your swing whenever the mood strikes you.

Beautify and Upgrade Your Home With an Artificial Grass Installation in Denver

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