3 Brilliant Ways to Maximize Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass for Dogs

Give your canine companion the best outdoor play space with low-maintenance artificial grass for dogs in Denver. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf doesn’t need regular watering, mulching, trimming and weeding. You save a lot of money on water, upkeep equipment, fertilizers and pesticides. Cut down lawn care chores and spend more time having fun outdoors when you switch to artificial grass!

cute akita dog sitting artificial grass

3 Activities for Pet-Friendly Synthetic Grass Landscapes

As a pet owner, Pet-friendly artificial grass comes with many benefits that the real thing cannot match. Aside from being a low-maintenance outdoor groundcover, it’s resistant to stains, wear and tear, heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions. It also stays lush and vibrant throughout the year.

Make the most of this pet-friendly surface. Here are some of the activities that you can do on your artificial grass landscape:

1. Play “fetch” with your dog.

High-quality synthetic turf in Denver is durable and paw-friendly, so you and your canine can play on it as often and as long as you like. Maximize these qualities with competitive games of fetch. Neither the impact of a bouncing ball nor the cutting movement of a frisbee can chip the durable grass blades. Spend hours of active fun on your lush, synthetic turf without worrying about damaging its green surface!

2. Throw outdoor parties.

Make the most of your artificial lawn by turning it into an outdoor venue. Thanks to its sturdy material, synthetic turf can accommodate the weight of tables, chairs, pergolas and other party essentials without wearing out. Having a pet-friendly artificial grass also opens your yard to your guests’ furry companions. Since it’s non-toxic and non-allergenic, dogs and kids alike can play safely on its surface. Artificial grass gives you an easier time in watching over your dog while conversing with your best mates!

3. Potty train your pooch.

Believe it or not, you can potty train your furry friend on low maintenance artificial grass for dogs in Denver. Whenever your dog poops, you can just wipe it off the grass with a tissue and hose off the affected area. This effectively eliminates stains and neutralize odors. If the dog urinates on the turf, it won’t burn and turn brown like natural grass. Its proprietary drainage system automatically drains the excess moisture. Just rinse the surface with a soap and water solution to remove all traces of odor.

Create a Versatile Petscape with Artificial Grass!

Denver Artificial Grass Pros can give you a lush and vibrant synthetic turf lawn for your home. Our well-trained and experienced landscape designers are committed to carrying out the best artificial grass installation in Denver for you. Get synthetic turf solutions from us to enjoy these amazing benefits:

• Dirt-free
• Non-toxic
• Non-allergenic
• Soft, paw-friendly texture
• Porous backing drainage
• Looks and feels like natural grass
• Diverse turf product selections
• Up to 15 years warranty
• 100% made in the US
• Environmentally Friendly

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