3 Unique Ways Synthetic Turf in Denver Resists Harsh Weather Conditions

3 unique ways for harsh weather condition

Synthetic turf in Denver offers the best parts of a natural lawn, such as its lush texture and beauty, without its tedious maintenance needs. Complementing that lifelike quality is unique benefits, such as incredible weather resistance. Worried about your synthetic yard suffering from a frosty winter or sudden storm? Banish those thoughts once you switch to artificial turf thanks to its weather-resistant qualities.

Weather-Resistant Advantages of Artificial Grass

All outdoor areas of your home must be tough enough to withstand the sun, wind, rain and snow. This level of durability is especially important for your yard. Not only is it exposed to the elements 24/7, but it also accommodates high foot traffic, the weight of garden equipment and furniture and other standard lawn amenities and activities.

All of these can quickly damage or even kill the grass. In contrast, artificial turf is designed with the following features, which make it ideal for outdoor applications:

  1. Frost Resistance

Winter is a stressful time for natural lawn owners. The frost can kill the grass, and lack of pre-winter care will give you a patchy, soaked lawn once spring arrives. When you cover your garden with artificial grass for dogs in Denver, you’re signing up for a yard that’s impervious to the cold and the snow.

  1. Waterproof Blades

Quality artificial grass is manufactured with waterproof materials, such as polyethylene and nylon. This allows the turf to remain undamaged and dry quickly after the most torrential storms. Aside from waterproof blades, artificial grass also has a porous layer that draws away rainwater from the surface down the subsoil, further reducing the risk of damage.

  1. UV Stability

Areas with hot climates, such as Denver, are exposed to a lot of UV rays. This quickly dries out natural lawns to create dead, brown patches. It can also damage low-quality artificial grass since UV rays can degrade the material.

Reliable artificial turf installation in Denver, CO only uses synthetic grass with excellent UV stability. It doesn’t matter how hot the weather gets or how long the turf is exposed to the sun. The yarns of UV-stable synthetic grass will not break and split, and its tensile strength won’t be reduced. Its vibrant green shades will also not fade. Expect your lawn to be as green and durable as ever through many summers.

Enjoy Your Synthetic Lawn All Year Long

Now that you have artificial grass, you never have to worry about protecting your yard from the damaging effects of the weather. Focus on thinking of fun and exciting ways to enjoy your lawn instead! Make outdoor activities a year-round affair with these ideas:

  • Throw a summer grill party
  • Start water balloon fights in the yard
  • Make snow angels during the winter
  • Share a family picnic on a crisp fall day
  • Play fetch with your dog every day

Denver Artificial Grass Pros: Your Trusted Installers of Premium Synthetic Grass

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