4 Backyard Toxins Removed by Synthetic Grass for Dogs Denver

Synthetic grass for dogs in Denver can be a great way to make your backyard more enjoyable while reducing the potential hazards you might accidentally expose your pet to.


Specifically, replacing your natural grass lawn with artificial turf products can eliminate some of the most common yard toxins that can put your dog in danger.

1. Pesticides

Most natural lawns are treated with pesticides to protect them from weeds, diseases, pests and other landscape problems.

While great for your lawn, these chemicals can be harmful or even deadly to your pet. Worse, it’s so easy for pets to come into contact with pesticides. For instance, they can ingest some of the treated grass during outdoor playtime or when they lick their fur after rolling on the ground.

Once you replace your natural lawn with artificial grass for dogs in Denver, this problem virtually goes away.

Pet turf is pest free, because bugs can’t survive on an artificial lawn. As a result, you won’t need to use pesticides anymore, therefore reducing the risk for your dog.

2. Poisonous Weeds

Another common yard issue you might run into are weeds. These include anything from dandelions (the bane of every lawn owner) to poison ivy and poison oak.

Any of these plants can cause harmful reactions in your pets if they are exposed to them. Worse, you might not even know you have a poisonous weed somewhere in your yard until your dog makes contact with it.

With artificial grass for dogs in Denver, you won’t need to worry about this issue either. High quality artificial grass systems contain a weed membrane that prevents weeds from growing in your lawn. Turf installers in Denver can also apply weed killers prior to the installation to take care of seeds in the soil.

It’s a win-win for you and your dog: no more pulling weeds for you and less danger for your pet!

3. Chemical Fertilizers

Many homeowners prefer to use chemical fertilizers on their lawns because it’s more convenient and sometimes cheaper.

Unfortunately, most chemical fertilizers contain high levels of nitrogen that can burn your dog’s paws. And like pesticides, they’re incredibly poisonous, too.

The good news is that artificial grass doesn’t need any fertilizer, whether chemical or organic, to stay pristine and green.

4. Synthetic Grass against Cocoa Bean Mulch

Cocoa mulch is a popular landscaping product that can improve soil quality and beautify garden beds. It’s also a common weed control measure. Unfortunately, cocoa bean mulch is a major pet safety hazard.

For instance, eating it can cause dogs to tremble uncontrollably and vomit. They can become hyperactive and have a fast heart rate, diarrhea or seizures if a significant amount is ingested.

Just like all the toxic substances in this list, there’s no need for cocoa mulch when you invest in artificial grass installation in Denver, since you won’t have to worry about soil quality or weeds anymore!

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