4 Factors that Affect Artificial Turf Installation Cost in Denver, CO

There is no set artificial turf installation cost for Denver, CO homes.  While the average fee ranges from $6-$20 per square feet, prices can still vary depending on the demands and conditions surrounding the project. To get an idea of how much your synthetic turf installation will amount to, take note of every detail of your project before consulting with your expert installer.

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Determining the Cost of Your Synthetic Grass Installation

Identify the dimensions of the space you want to be covered in artificial turf. If it’s expansive, you may have to set aside a significant sum for your synthetic grass installation. Aside from the size of your project, here are four other factors that have a huge impact on your installation cost:

  1. Labor and Installation

Unless you’re taking the do-it-yourself approach, labor makes up a huge part of the artificial grass installation turf for Denver, CO, homes. Synthetic turf installers will take care of everything from preparing your yard and laying down the base fillings to installing the artificial grass and ensuring the functionality of its drainage system.

The key to making the most of your labor fee is to hire installers with years of experience and proven expertise under their belt. Choose companies that have been installing an artificial turf for decades.

  1. Materials

The materials involved in the installation, from the infills to the grass, also have a significant impact on the project’s cost. They include:

• Yarns
• Seaming
• Nails
• Backing
• Nylon
• Polyethylene
• Polypropylene

Aside from these materials, you must also consider the make and brand of the artificial turf you want for your home. The three most common grass materials are nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Nylon turf typically costs $3-$4 per square feet. Polyethylene grass, on the other hand, costs $1-$2 per square feet, while polypropylene turf costs $2-$3 per square feet.

Be selective of your installation materials. Remember: how to maintain synthetic grass in Denver is largely dictated by the type and quality of materials involved.

  1. Location

Artificial grass is versatile. Since it doesn’t need soil, water, and sunlight to thrive, it can be installed anywhere in or around the home. It can be used in:

• Lawns
Play areas for kids
• Rooftops
• Pool surrounds
Dog grounds
Putting greens

Keep in mind that different places have different requirements. Outdoor locations, for instance, require certain types of infills to facilitate efficient drainage while indoor installations do not.

  1. Purpose

Take note of your intended purpose for the turf as well. If you’re investing in pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Denver to create a safe canine play space, for instance, you may have to consider any special feature you need. Remember drainage is one of the most important considerations if you have pets on your artificial grass.

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