Having a backyard can significantly boost the health and well-being of senior individuals. It provides a private, green space to relax, get some fresh air and maybe do a bit of gardening and other light forms of exercise. However, with advanced age comes several health and physical challenges. Covering your lawn with synthetic turf in Denver can make your yard a safer and more comfortable place for your older family members.

backyard artificial turf for elders

Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Seniors

Replacing natural grass with an artificial lawn is a great way to make backyards more accessible for older individuals. Here’s why:

  1. Requires little maintenance

One of the reasons why synthetic turf in Denver is ideal for seniors is the minimal maintenance required by grass, especially for older adults who live independently.

Switching to turf eliminates all the manual labor that comes with lawn care. No more mowing, watering twice a day, digging, trimming or reseeding. All of these are hard work for anyone, but especially for the elderly who may not be able to handle heavy tasks anymore. Maintaining a green paradise becomes an effortless task for all.

  1. Pet-friendly

Pets are a great source of comfort and companionship for older adults. Artificial grass for dogs in Denver makes it easy to live with a pet thanks to its durable nature and efficient drainage system. Whenever dogs do their business on the grass, it only takes a quick rinse to clean the spot.

There’s also no worry of lawn burn due to urine, dangerous holes from enthusiastic digging and pets ingesting toxic weeds or getting exposed to toxic lawn care chemicals. Older adults can enjoy the yard with their furry friends with complete peace of mind.

  1. Excellent accessibility

Wondering why many care homes in Denver are switching to artificial grass? Turf offers a safer and slip-resistant lawn with toxin-free undergrowth. These features help to create a secure and safe setting for the elderly. It is also wheelchair-friendly, so anyone with mobility issues can move around without difficulty.

  1. Reduces risks of trips and falls

A lot of seniors are afraid to spend time outdoors due to the fear of slipping or falling. Switching to a turf surface reduces this hazard. Thanks to its drainage system, the yard will never be waterlogged or form muddy puddles. It doesn’t get slippery when wet, and the surface remains level and even regardless of the activities and amount of traffic it’s exposed to. Natural wear and tear won’t damage the turf fibers, which means the surface remains safe to walk on.

Create a Safe Space for All Ages with Synthetic Turf

People of all ages can enjoy a beautiful, safe and long-lasting backyard with artificial grass. Interested in designing a more accessible lawn for you, your loved ones or facility? To get started with the project, call Denver Artificial Grass at 720-573-1515 to learn more about artificial grass installation in Denver, CO.

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