4 Surprising Health Benefits of Artificial Grass Installation in Denver

roll of artificial grass

Denver artificial grass installation has become popular among homeowners thanks to its beauty, ease of maintenance and potential savings. On top of these, artificial grass also offers health benefits that natural grass can’t match. Enjoy better health for the whole family along with a pristine and green lawn when you switch to synthetic turf!

Top Health Benefits of Artificial Grass

Natural grass may look amazing, but it also poses risks that can outweigh its appearance. If you want to take care of your health without sacrificing the beauty of your lawn, then check out these advantages of synthetic lawns:

  1. Reduce allergens.

Some of the most common types of grass found in natural lawns – i.e. Bermuda grass, Johnson grass, ryegrass, timothy grass and Kentucky bluegrass– harbor a lot of pollen especially during the spring and summer months. Grass pollens are among the top allergens for both people and dogs. In fact, even the slightest exposure can trigger itching, runny nose, hives, swelling, fainting and at severe levels, anaphylactic shock.

Switching to the best synthetic grass for dogs in Denver dramatically reduces the amount of pollen around your home. Doing so allows everyone to enjoy your outdoor space without the risk of allergy triggers.

  1. Decrease bacteria and dirt in the house.

Pets and people will inevitably track a lot of dirt and mud into your house after walking around a natural yard. Not only is it a hassle to clean, but along with these are various bacteria that can cause illnesses. Since artificial grass is installed on infill, not soil, your floors will stay clean no matter how much time you spend outside. It also drains very quickly, which means no mud even after heavy rain.

  1. Lessen exposure to toxic chemicals.

To protect real grass against diseases, pests and weeds, you need to use pesticides, weedicides and other chemical substances frequently. These can be toxic to humans and animals, not to mention the risk of the chemicals leaching through the soil and down to water sources. Synthetic grass, on the other hand, does not require chemical treatment. The good news is it will stay vibrant and green without posing a chemical hazard to your property and family members.

  1. Decrease the risk of injuries.

Stones, hard patches of soil and slippery grass can cause accidents, trips and falls. To minimize scrapes, artificial grass for dogs near Denver is designed with a bouncy, soft feel that mimics the look and texture of real grass while providing a gentle place to land on. When installed in wet areas such as the pool, it also creates a non-slip, safer surface to walk on.

Create a Safer, Healthier Home with Artificial Grass

Aside from its amazing looks and function, lifelike artificial grass can also significantly improve the level of health and safety for both your indoor and outdoor spaces. Call Denver Artificial Grass Pros at 720-802-4293 to learn more about the benefits of artificial grass installation in Denver and the many ways it can beautify your home!