Artificial Grass for Dogs in Denver: 3 Important Ways it Protects Pets

Artificial grass for dogs in Denver is not just a beautiful, low-maintenance alternative to real grass. For pet owners, it does a much more important job— keeping their pets safe from serious dangers that lurk in a natural lawn.

How Artificial Grass for Dogs in Denver Boosts Backyard Safety

3 Essential Ways Synthetic Turf Keeps Dogs Safe

  • 1. It reduces the allergy triggers on your lawn.

    Dogs can be allergic to grass pollen just like humans are. If your dog is displaying allergy symptoms, but you’ve ruled out food and other common allergens, there’s a chance that your natural lawn is the one making them sick.

    Your pet is probably allergic to grass if outdoor playtime is followed by:

    • Red eyes
    • Itching all over their body and paws
    • Red and sore spots
    • Fur falling out in patches
    • Sneezing

    Unfortunately, these symptoms will never go away as long as you have real grass. You have two options: medicate your pet to manage the allergic reactions or limit their time outside.

    However, synthetic grass for dogs in Denver offers a third – and much better – option than that. Specifically, artificial grass isn’t alive, so it doesn’t generate pollen. As a result, this significantly reduces the chances of your dog’s allergies acting up when they go out. In short, let them play outside all the time, any time!

  • 2. You can finally stop using pesticides that are harmful to dogs.

    Pesticides are a natural lawn’s first line of defense against pests of all shapes and sizes. Otherwise, your lawn becomes easy prey to insects, including those that are incredibly harmful to your pet like fleas and ticks.

    The problem with pesticides is that they are as toxic to dogs as they are to pests. Inhaled or ingested, they can cause everything from digestive issues to respiratory failure and can even be fatal. Worse, most pesticides can last for hours and days after application.

    In contrast, synthetic turf provides neither food nor shelter to bugs and vermin. Because of this, there’s no need to treat it and expose your dog to pesticides.

  • 3. No more danger of getting injured due to grass burrs.

    Grass seeds, aka burrs, are everywhere on a natural lawn. They can be annoying at most when they stick onto your pants and clothes. But to dogs, they can be downright dangerous.

    For instance, they are sharp and difficult to remove. They can latch into paws, ears and eyes of dogs, causing irritation and burrowing under the skin if left on the fur for too long. Synthetic turf in Denver doesn’t produce burrs. No matter how much your canine rolls and plays on its surface, he won’t come home with grass seeds tangled in his fur and lodged in his skin.

Find the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in Denver For Your Yard

With artificial grass, you can create a beautiful backyard that’s safe for everyone – and that includes your furry family members! Call Denver Artificial Grass Pros today at 408-317-0931 and we’ll give you a FREE QUOTE for your new pet-friendly lawn. You can also send us a message here for concerns and inquiries. We’re looking forward to serving you!