Family-Friendly Benefits of Denver Synthetic Turf Putting Greens

synthetic turf putting greens

Playing on a putting green made of synthetic turf in Denver feels the same as playing on a real golf course. If you’re serious about developing your skills, putting green is an excellent way to start!

Better yet, you don’t have to be a professional player to enjoy golf. It offers something to everyone, especially families looking for a fun way to relax and bond together.

Kids, in particular, have much to gain from this backyard addition     :

It is a low-intensity workout that promotes physical development. Specifically, there’s a lower risk of injuries when playing golf compared to contact sports.

It’s perfect for all ages. Kids can start playing as soon as they can hold a club!

Children can learn discipline, critical thinking  and emotional control through golf.

Besides being a family-friendly addition to your home, a putting green also takes outdoor gatherings to the next level. Nothing like a friendly round of golf to get a party going!

Why Synthetic Turf is Best for Backyard Putting Greens

If you want a stress-free putting green, synthetic turf is your best option. You get all the best parts of playing on natural grass with none of the headaches:

• Develop Your Shots

First, artificial putting greens are great at accepting shots from any distance. Installers know how to use infill to simulate proper ball roll and bounce.

• Fully Customizable

Next, synthetic turf is easy to reshape, cut and design according to your playing style. You can make it as straightforward or as challenging as you want. Add elevation, multiple holes, fringes and tee boxes, for instance.

For something even more family-friendly, consider going for a mini-golf course for your artificial turf installation in Denver, CO.

• Plays Like Real Grass

No matter which design you go for, putting greens look natural and play like real grass. In fact, you can hardly feel the difference between playing at the driving range and in your backyard!

• Weather-Resistant

Synthetic turf in Denver stays green and in top condition through any weather. No flooding during rainy days and even the strongest winds won’t damage expertly-installed greens.

Furthermore, it does not retain moisture or hold puddles. Because it’s non-slip, your young golfers would not get injured even when they play during rainy days.

• Easy to Maintain

Finally, you do not have to spend a lot of time and money to make sure your putting green always looks and functions flawlessly. Unlike natural lawns, synthetic grass does not require mowing and watering. A quick rinse is enough to freshen it up. No mud tracks inside the house, too!

Let’s Get Started!

Artificial grass installation in Denver opens the door to many backyard possibilities. Besides making the best putting greens, it’s also great for your kids’ playgrounds, dog runs and entertainment spaces.  Call Denver Artificial Grass Pros at 720-802-4293 today, and let’s talk about your project!