Green Landscaping Ideas for Artificial Turf Installation in Denver, CO

Denver has a reputation for being one of the most eco-friendly cities in America. In fact, we’ve been named one of the greenest cities in the US for over a decade now! As Denver becomes more progressive, there is an increasing need for creative landscaping ideas that also help reduce our carbon footprint. Artificial turf installation in Denver, CO is the perfect way to go eco-friendly without sacrificing style!

Landscaping Ideas for Artificial Turf

Going Green with Artificial Turf Installation in Denver CO

Synthetic turf in Denver is a great way to go green and still have your lawn look amazing. It will save you time and money while also protecting our natural resources like groundwater, soil quality and air quality. Let’s take a closer look!

  • Reduce the need for irrigation by installing artificial grass in Denver.

    Colorado’s long, dry summers can make maintaining a lawn difficult. You need a lot of water just to keep the average yard green and alive.

    Artificial grass products are an excellent way to reduce the amount of water and energy required for irrigation. Furthermore, water conservation is not just great for the environment, but also lowering your water bill, too!

    Additionally, it has many other benefits: easy maintenance, minimal weed problems and the ability to enjoy a green lawn no matter how harsh the weather gets.

  • Consider planting native trees and shrubs that are adapted to Colorado’s climate conditions.

    Native trees, plants and flowers have less of an impact on the environment than introduced species. Specifically, they’re adapted to our local soil types and climate conditions, so you can avoid chemicals like fertilizers or pesticides just to keep them healthy. You’ll also save money by not having to purchase these expensive additives for your artificial lawn.

    For example, Colorado blue spruce trees are well-suited for Denver’s climate. In comparison, Japanese elms require a lot more attention and resources because they aren’t adapted to our harsh winters. Other great options are:

    • Colorado roses
    • Cacti and succulents
    • Rocky Mountain junipers

    We also recommend visiting your local plant nursery to see what will work best in your area. And yes, you can grow live plants on artificial grass! Use planters, pots or talk to us about your other options.

  • Use recycled materials when possible such as old tires, glass bottles, metal cans, etc. to create benches or planters.

    Aside from reducing waste, these items also add color to your landscape design. Moreover, get creative with natural materials such as wood, stone and bamboo. Use these items to create walking paths or patios for your outdoor living spaces.

  • Consider using recycled water from rain barrels when possible instead of tap water to reduce water waste.

    To make a rain barrel, you’ll need a large container with a top (a trash can or barrel works well), holes drilled into the bottom and a cloth sewn over the holes to filter rainwater. Flip it upside down and it’s ready for the next rainy day.

    Make it look great by painting with your favorite colors, adding a decorative cover and placing it near your garden!

Live a Greener Lifestyle with Denver Artificial Grass!

If you’re looking to make your landscaping a little more eco-friendly, artificial grass for dogs and Denver backyards is the perfect solution.

If you want help with your next project or have any questions at all about artificial grass, just reach out to Denver Artificial Grass Pros. Our team would love an opportunity to show you how we can create beautiful spaces that are perfect for living green, all while staying on budget and done within your time frame.

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