Host the Best Backyard Get-Togethers with Synthetic Turf from Your Denver Installer

Throwing a party in your backyard has never been easier or more fun with synthetic turf from your Denver installer! Invite some friends over for some delicious barbecue or take the family out for an afternoon picnic without worrying about your lawn. Switch to artificial turf today to take your outdoor get-togethers to the next level!

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7 Advantages of Artificial Grass for Outdoor Parties

Synthetic turf offers a fantastic setting for get-togethers. Expect these benefits when you cover your lawn with top-quality artificial grass:

1. Consistent Looks

Preparing a natural lawn for a party involves trimming the grass, making sure it’s watered properly and picking out weeds and other debris from its surface. In contrast, you don’t need to do much for your artificial lawn. It retains its ideal height and looks as lush as the day it was installed with minimal upkeep, providing a beautiful background for the gathering.

2. Resistant to Foot Traffic

Invite as many guests as you want with the best artificial turf installation in Denver, CO! Top-quality synthetic turf is designed to withstand constant use and high amounts of foot traffic without getting damaged. Unlike real grass, its blades won’t bend or break no matter how many people walk on it.

3. Durable

Thanks to its sturdy design, artificial grass can bear the weight of heavy lawn furniture, grills and other yard equipment without losingts function or looks. Go ahead and get creative with your outdoor designs!

4. Dog-Friendly

Don’t let the pooches miss out on the fun! Synthetic grass for dogs in Denver near me offers a great surface for pets to play on without increasing your cleanup tasks. Simply rinse out the spot where they pee or go potty, and it’ll look and smell fresh again. Also, don’t worry about holes in your yard or dogs pulling out the grass. Pet-friendly turf functions like the real thing while being durable enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic canine activities.

5. Safe and Non-Toxic

Artificial turf is made from non-toxic materials. It also doesn’t need to get treated with lawn chemicals to stay in top condition, so you don’t have to worry about exposure to toxic solutions. In addition, it provides a non-slip surface, so kids can run around with little to no risk of trips and falls.

6. Easy to Clean

Dropped pieces of food and spilled drinks are a natural part of parties. However, it can be hard to clean out persistent residues from real grass without damaging your yard. Synthetic turf from your Denver installer simplifies after-party cleanups. Just use mild soap and water to rinse out spills, pick up solids and you got a yard that looks good as new!

7. Weather-Resistant

Got a little rain? Don’t let it dampen your party! Even the slightest moisture can turn your natural lawn into a muddy mess, which is not an issue with artificial turf. Synthetic grass is installed with a permeable backing that efficiently drains water and other liquids. This leaves you with a dry and clean surface for hours of festivities.

Have More Fun with Your Yard with Synthetic Turf!

Artificial grass provides the ideal surface for all sorts of activities, from parties and barbecues to golf and pool decks. For high-quality installations, call Denver Artificial Grass Pros at 720-802-4293 today. Let’s get started on your project and experience the amazing benefits of synthetic turf!