How an Artificial Turf Installation in Denver, CO Reduces Backyard Hazards

Eliminate Backyard Hazards With an Artificial Turf Installation in Denver, CO

An artificial turf installation in Denver, CO has a lot of benefits for homeowners. It saves time and water, doesn’t need mowing or fertilizing, and generally stays green year-round. But what many people don’t realize, is that it can also reduce backyard hazards.

Let’s take a look at how artificial grass reduces the risks of backyard injuries.

Consistently Even Surface

On natural grass, it’s difficult to keep the ground in a completely even state. Bumps and hollows can develop over time due to foot traffic, pets digging up the dirt, drainage issues, pests making their homes underground and other problems. The resulting uneven surface makes it easy for someone to trip and fall.

Artificial grass has a consistent texture from end to end, so there’s no risk of anyone tripping over an uneven spot. There aren’t any hard edges on the ground that could cause injury, nor are there any lumps or bumps to trip over.

Soft and Cushions Falls

If someone does fall on artificial grass, it won’t cause major injuries like falling on concrete or asphalt would. The synthetic turf’s material cushions the impact from the fall and helps prevent injuries from occurring.

This is one of the many reasons why an artificial turf installation in Denver, CO is ideal for kids to use as a surface for playing games and for seniors who love doing activities outside.

Efficient Drainage

Yards with natural grass often get soggy after a rainstorm or hot day when the sprinklers are on, which can be a major slipping hazard. Even mild dampness can cause slips and falls. This is especially risky for kids who love roughhousing and elderly people who may have difficulty walking on uneven surfaces.

Artificial grass drains quickly, so there’s less chance of slips and falls. And because it’s built to provide excellent traction, it also doesn’t get slippery when wet.

Doesn’t Need Harmful Chemicals

Perhaps the biggest hazards associated with natural grass are the weed killers and pesticides that are often used on it. These chemicals can make people and pets sick if they’re inhaled, ingested or touched. And the bad news is that they tend to linger days after they’re used.

Synthetic grass for dogs in Denver never needs these chemicals, so they’re not a part of the equation. Not only does this mean that you don’t have to worry about buying or applying them, but you’re also not exposing yourself or your family members to potentially harmful substances.

Artificial Turf Has No Sharp Edges

Natural grass hides a lot of sharp objects that can hurt bare skin, such as rocks, branches and grass seeds. Hardscapes are not any better because they’re notorious for attracting weeds and other foliage in between their cracks, which can become sharp if left uncut.

Artificial grass doesn’t hide anything sharp between its soft synthetic fibers. It also doesn’t have any cracks for weeds to grow through because it’s installed as one piece without any seams and often comes with a weed barrier.

Eliminate Your Yard’s Hidden Dangers With Synthetic Turf in Denver

The bottom line is that artificial grass can get rid of the various health hazards that hide in your backyard. Why should you continue putting your and your loved ones’ safety at risk. With a yard that’s covered in natural grass or hardscapes?

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