Is Synthetic Grass for Dogs in Denver Better than Natural Grass?

If you’re a pet owner, your lawn has probably taken a beating from Rover’s digging or Fluffy’s accidents. Of course, you can’t blame them. They’re just enjoying the great outdoors. Still, you probably wish you could enjoy your backyard as much as your dog enjoys destroying it. Synthetic grass for dogs in Denver can make those problems go away virtually overnight.

Why Synthetic Grass for Dogs in Denver Makes Sense for Pet Owners

The Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Dogs in Denver

No Urine Spots

It’s not unusual for dogs to “go” on the same patch of grass over and over again.

They may return to favorite spots or they may simply be marking territory. Either way, this can cause ugly brown spots on your lawn.

It doesn’t matter how often your dog urinates on artificial grass because the blades won’t discolor or die like they would with real grass.

Fewer Parasites

When it comes to parasites, there are many that dogs can get from grass and soil. These include fleas and ticks, which can be detrimental to your animal’s health. Since there is no soil and the turf is made out of synthetic materials, these parasites cannot survive outdoors on an artificial lawn.

Less Outdoor Allergies

Many animals are allergic to grass, which causes them discomfort and other complications. Between pollen allergies and reactions from insect bites, your pet may have a hard time enjoying the outdoors if they have allergies.

With artificial grass for dogs in Denver, there is no pollen or insects for your pets to be exposed to, which makes it much more comfortable for pets with allergies.

Safe for Dogs

Artificial grass is soft but firm, making it easier on your dog’s body than concrete or hard surfaces like dirt or wood chips. It also has a greater amount of cushioning than natural grass, which means less impact on your pet’s bones and joints.

And unlike natural grass, you don’t have to worry about harmful pesticides and chemicals that can hurt your dog’s paws and digestive system.

Easy to Sanitize

If you’re worried about germs from dog poop getting into your yard, pet synthetic grass can help keep them at bay. Synthetic turf is made from materials that resist stains and odors, so it won’t absorb liquid waste like real grass would. You can easily sanitize it with mild soap, vinegar and other gentle cleaning products as needed.

Artificial Grass Is Easy to Maintain

Real grass needs a lot of maintenance to remain green and healthy during the year. You have to water it regularly, fertilize it, cut the grass at least once a week during the summer and keep weeds under control.

When you choose artificial grass, you’re setting yourself free from all of the upkeep. Aside from hosing it down and brushing it up a few times a year, you can forget about yard care once the installation is done.

Artificial Grass for Pets: The Real Deal

Sounds great so far, doesn’t it? And there are more benefits where that came from!

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