Pest-Proof Your Lawn with Top-Quality Synthetic Turf in Denver

Ants, bugs, bees, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, moles and rats— these are some of the pests that lurk in natural lawns. Most are harmless unless provoked, while others actively pose a danger to the people and pets around them. Get rid of these critters for good when you switch to top-quality synthetic turf in Denver!

The Problem with Natural Lawns

The Problem with Natural Lawns

Natural grass attracts and sustains various pests. It’s why pesticide application is an essential part of live lawn upkeep. Here’s why various insects and vermin love grass-covered spaces:

It is a rich source of food.

Many insects feed on natural grass. Some find nourishment in its roots while others gnaw on its blades. This also makes a live lawn an excellent feeding ground for animals that feast on grass-eating bugs, such as moles, anteaters, skunks and raccoons. Most of these vermins burrow into lawns in search of their prey, tearing apart turf in the process.

It is a great breeding place.

The humidity and puddles left behind by daily watering offer the perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes and other insects.

It is an excellent shelter.

Most pests love live lawns because the grass gives them protection against elements. Ticks and mites hide under grass blades to escape from direct sunlight. Moles and grubs, on the other hand, burrow under the lawn for safety against extreme temperatures and predators.

How Artificial Turf Solves Pest Problems for Good

As long as pests can draw food, take shelter and reproduce in your yard, no amount of pesticides can keep them away permanently. Discover the ways synthetic turf in Denver helps keep insects and vermin off your lawn:

1. It does not have nutritional value.

Artificial grass is not alive, so insects won’t find nourishment in its roots and blades. Since grass-eating bugs have no reason to stick around, the animals that eat them also won’t venture into your yard.

2. It retains its blade height.

Synthetic grass blades don’t grow, which means insects can’t use them for shelter against the sun, extreme temperatures and predators.

3. It is incredibly durable.

Artificial turf installation in Denver, CO is not just tough enough to withstand high foot traffic, heavy equipment and the elements. It’s also durable enough to take the antics of burrowing animals without getting damaged.

4. It drains and dries fast.

Unlike natural lawns, synthetic turf installations don’t accumulate water after rain. Their proprietary drainage system automatically removes excess moisture from their surface. The turf dries fast afterward, especially when it’s exposed to the sun.

Enjoy a Pest-Free Lawn Today!

Remove the threat of pests in your lawn forever with artificial grass installation in Denver. Find realistic, evergreen, durable, pest-proof and weather-resistant synthetic turf here at Denver Artificial Grass Pros. Consult with our turf experts to find the best synthetic grass variety for your home.

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