Synthetic Turf for Denver Homes: How Much Does Artificial Turf Cost?

Synthetic turf in Denver can literally change your life. It starts with the most obvious, like never having to mow, cut, water or reseed your lawn ever again. Then you have the little-known benefits of turf installation, such as reducing allergy attacks. Of course, going synthetic also means having a picture-perfect yard for 10 years— at least.

It’s a fantastic decision from any angle. However, one question often stands in the way of homeowners: how much does artificial turf cost?

Backyard Artificial Turf

How to Compute Synthetic Grass Cost of Installation

First, it’s not as simple as giving you a dollar amount. In fact, be wary of artificial grass installers who can pull a project price out of thin air. High-quality artificial grass installation in Denver should be customized for every home. This way, it brings out the best in your property while resolving existing issues.

To compute the cost of your new synthetic lawn, we look at a lot of things such as:

  • The size of the area
  • Accessibility (it usually takes more time to transport and distribute materials to hard-to-reach areas)
  • The current state of your garden, such as how much preparation work it needs
  • The specific type of artificial grass you want
  • The features you want in your new synthetic turf lawn, such as putting greens, dog runs and shock absorbing layers for playgrounds
  • Special accommodations like fitting artificial grass around existing vegetation, water features, other functionalities, etc.
  • The complexity of the design
  • And more

Specifically, it’s crucial for installers to understand what you have in mind. Only then will they be able to give your realistic figures for labor costs and other project expenses.

Synthetic Vs. Natural Lawn: Which One’s Cheaper?

Natural grass has a cheaper up-front cost, no doubt about it. Grass seeds are way cheaper than state-of-the-art artificial grass lawns. What most homeowners realize too late, however, is how much money it takes to take care of real grass.

Let’s take a quick look at how much the average homeowner spends on yard maintenance:

  • Lawn mowing: $100 to $200 per visit
  • Lawn replacement: $2000+
  • Tree and shrub removal: $430 to $1272
  • Sprinkler system repair: $200
  • Leaf Removal and Spring Clean-Up: between $200 and $550
  • Sprinkler System Maintenance & Winterization: between $55 and $110
  • Dethatching & Power Raking: $10 and $20 per 1,000 square feet
  • Reseeding: $410 and $1,510
  • Lawn aeration: $120 on average
  • Fertilizing: $200 on average
  • Landscaping: At least $3000 on average

That’s just the start. The cost goes up if you have an intricate garden or if you have live landscaping around your pool. Expect to pay more for seasonal maintenance and other tasks as well.

Worse, those numbers don’t include water yet. According to Denver Water itself, “Lawns are often a household’s largest water consumer.” Most homeowners easily spend over $150 on watering their yards alone.

Finally, here’s the harshest truth of all – most of these recurring expenses, like mowing and watering, will never stop as long as your yard is covered with real grass.

In comparison, artificial lawns do cost more upfront due to the advanced materials and professional installation. However, it quickly pays for itself in a short time. Here’s the average cost of artificial grass maintenance:

  • Picking up debris:$0
  • Brushing up the turf occasionally to keep it upright and fluffy: $0

That’s it— that’s the total cost of maintaining a synthetic lawn. Sure, you may have to rinse out pee and poop residue from synthetic grass for dogs in Denver. You may also have to rinse out dirt and dust, about once or twice a year. That’s nowhere near the gallons of water that natural grass needs almost daily!

Save Money with Synthetic Turf in Denver

If you want to know the true cost of having an artificial lawn installed, you have to look beyond the greenery. Aside from long-term savings, artificial grass will save you all the time, effort and energy you used to spend on lawn care. Take the first step towards a better home and lawn with Denver Artificial Grass Pros— call us today at 408-317-0931 for a free estimate!