Synthetic Turf For Denver Play Areas: Is Sand/Rubber Infill Safe for Kids and Pets?


Infill is an essential part of synthetic turf in Denver. It’s what gives turf its springy softness, allows drainage and helps the grass blades stand upright (aka keeps it nice and lush!).

However, some people worry about the safety of infill. After all, infill is made of materials like crumb rubber and silica sand. If you’re not familiar with these, they may sound harmful to kids and pets.

But you can rest easy! They’re perfectly safe to use on artificial turf for your backyard or playground. Let’s go over why infill is safe for kids and pets below:

Substances used for infill don’t contain hazardous chemicals.

In fact, they’re components of everyday items like rubber and glass. So there’s no need to worry about your children or pets touching, licking or rolling around on artificial grass for dogs and Denver homes.

Fun Fact: Did you know that artificial grass is effective at removing many backyard toxins? Here are four of them.

Synthetic turf high-quality infill is lead-free.

As long as you invest in the best synthetic turf in Denver, you can be sure that it doesn’t have toxic substances like lead.

Infill undergoes strict testing during the manufacturing process.

For instance, all of our artificial grass here at Denver Artificial Grass Pros are made in the US and undergo the most rigorous safety tests in the industry. That includes other elements of our installations, such as infill. Because of this, infill is safe even when accidentally ingested.

Infill is designed to be safe for kids and pets.

That’s why it’s made of substances like crumb rubber (a recycled material) or finely-ground silica sand. These components are stabilized with chemical agents that prevent them from breaking down into harmful particles over time.

In addition, infill is carefully designed to be as safe as possible for kids and pets. To give you some examples, it’s designed to be soft enough that kids won’t get hurt when they fall down. Some types of infill also have anti-microbial and eco-friendly features.

Infill is tested for safety by independent third parties.

When manufacturers produce turf infill, they’re required to send samples of their product off for testing in order to receive certification. These tests are conducted by independent third parties to ensure that infill is safe for kids and pets. All of the infill we use for artificial grass installation in Denver have passed these tests with flying colors.

Learn More About Synthetic Turf Safety

Here at Denver Artificial Grass Pros, we want you to be 100% confident before you invest in our synthetic turf products. If you have more questions about artificial grass or the infill we use, feel free to call us at 720-802-4293 or send us a message using our online form!