Synthetic Turf in Denver: Eliminating Backyard Hazards to Keep Dogs Safe

There’s no question that dogs go crazy for grass, but your natural lawn may not be as safe as you think. From exposure to toxic chemicals to fleas and ticks, real grass can be full of health hazards. As a result, more and more pet owners are turning to synthetic turf in Denver to create a safer outdoor space for their furry pals.

synthetic turf for backyard and dog

The Hidden Dangers of Real Grass over Synthetic Turf for Pets

Natural grass looks and smells wonderful, but it comes with a cost. To keep it alive and healthy, you need to apply lawn care chemicals that can be highly toxic to dogs. Other hazards include:

  • Pests like fleas and ticks
  • Grass burrs
  • Toxic weeds and plants
  • Toxic cocoa mulch
  • Bacteria in the dirt
  • Twigs, rocks and other debris that can cause injuries
  • Holes and dips that can cause trips and falls
  • Pesticides, weedicides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely eliminate these dangers as long as you have real grass. For a long-term solution, consider switching to synthetic grass for dogs in Denver.

How Synthetic Turf Makes Yards Safer for Dogs

To ensure the safest backyard for their furry pals, a lot of Denver pet owners are replacing real grass with turf. It creates a pet-friendlier lawn in several ways:

  • No need for toxic lawn care chemicals

    When you switch to turf, you never have to apply toxic lawn care substances again. No need for pesticides, weedicides, herbicides or any other chemical to keep backyard issues at bay. However, you still get that evergreen, lush look of a perfectly-manicured lawn.

  • Reduced risk for injuries

    Artificial grass for dogs in Denver is soft and shock absorbent. This allows turf to cushion the inevitable trips and falls that happen with playful dogs. There’s also no debris to cause accidents since installers will level the ground and remove all obstructions before installation.

  • No pests

    Since turf is not alive, it will not harbor pests like fleas and ticks. It’s the most effective way of eliminating infestations without having to use pesticides. Let your dogs enjoy rolling, crawling and running on the ground without worries!

  • No toxic weeds and plants

    Due to its artificial nature, weeds and plants cannot grow directly on synthetic grass either. Therefore, your dogs will not come into contact or potentially ingest this potentially toxic growth. On top of that, you never have to deal with weed overgrowth, apply toxic mulch or buying weed control chemicals as well.

Create a Safer and More Fun Outdoor Space for Your Pets using Synthetic Turf

Pet owners only want the best for their beloved companions, and synthetic turf in Denver is one of the best ways to achieve this. Instead of worrying about their safety, you can focus on having fun and relaxing in your yard with your pet. Get a free estimate and let’s talk about your project! Call Denver Artificial Grass Pros at 720-802-4293 today.