Synthetic Turf in Denver: The Perfect Outdoor Design Material for Different House Styles

Who says synthetic turf in Denver only goes well with modern houses? Artificial grass can bring out the best in every house’s exterior space, no matter the style. Also, it stays green and lush year-round without a lot of care. Never worry about watering, trimming, and mowing your lawn—and that’s just one of its many benefits.

The Perfect Outdoor Design Material for Different House Styles

Use Synthetic Turf for These 5 Popular Home Styles

Here’s why synthetic turf in Denver is the perfect fit to create a stylish home (Plus design ideas to inspire you!).

Victorian Style Home

The Victorian style is elegant outside and inside. In addition, you can also use synthetic turf for the style’s trademark front lawn. Furthermore, it complements natural stone paving. Use it to leave a stone pathway in the middle that won’t get covered up by grass and weeds.

Country French

French outdoor landscapes feature formality, symmetry, and order. As a result, this style is perfect for a synthetic putting green in the backyard. Moreover, the best artificial grass installation in Denver is ideal for putting greens. It’s durable, so don’t worry about damaging or chipping the grass when you practice.

Contemporary Style

Next, contemporary homes have flairs like ceiling glass walls, large windows, and elegant pools. However, natural grass can be messy around water. As a solution, maintain a clean pool space by adding artificial grass around it. The waterproof and non-slip blades keep people safe. Additionally, the drainage system clears out excess water to prevent flooding and puddles.

Ranch Style Architecture with Synthetic Turf

Ranch style houses usually have an open floor plan and a tidy front garden. Because of this, synthetic turf complements this style because it can withstand high foot traffic. It also thrives in extreme weather conditions and prevents flooding. As a result, it saves your flowerbed or container garden from getting submerged in stormwater.

Mid-Century Modern

Finally, mid-century modern homes are classic, functional, and minimalist. It uses a simple but useful landscaping design. For instance, outdoor lounging areas mark this style. On top of that, cover your outdoor flooring with artificial turf to get started. Then furnish it with a wicker sofa set or a mini iron dining set. Dine and relax with your feet touching the gentle softness of the artificial grass. Its hypoallergenic blades don’t harbor pests, chemicals and pollens.

Beautify Your Home With the Best Synthetic Turf!

Let artificial grass handle your outdoor space beautification! Get started with your artificial turf installation in Denver, CO. Aside from landscapes, we can also handle your pet runs, play spaces, and more. Call Denver Artificial Grass Pros today at 720-802-4293!