The Major Advantages of Using Artificial Grass for Dogs in Denver

For most dog owners, keeping a natural lawn is not an option —and they have valid reasons. Dogs can seriously damage the green grass and soil with their incessant digging, rough play, and indiscriminate peeing. Even the toughest types of grass cannot withstand their destructive play. Despite these, you can give your home green grounds without worrying about your dog wreaking it. Invest in artificial grass for dogs in Denver, Colorado.

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Why Synthetic Turf is Perfect for Dog Owners

Let’s take a closer look at how you and your dog can benefit from artificial grass.

  • Get rid of toxic lawn care solutions

    Keeping a natural lawn involves using various fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and other essential chemical solutions. Their presence is a health hazard for your dog. If they come in contact with it, they can fall severely ill. Using artificial turf will eliminate the need for toxic lawn care products.

  • Minimize pest-related dangers

    With synthetic turf in Denver, pests are seldom a problem. Fleas, ants, bees, hornets, and other bugs generally steer clear of artificial lawns since they can’t thrive on its synthetic surface. So, you can let your dog loose in your lawn without worrying about them disturbing an ant hill or coming home swollen with a bee sting.

  • Deter your dog from digging up your yard

    Dogs love digging up dirt. This can be frustrating especially if you’re keeping a garden or maintaining a lawn. Keep your dog from digging up your yard with artificial grass. Once they understand that they can’t get through the synthetic turf, they’ll leave your grounds be.

  • Keep your home free of mud and dirt

    Dogs love playing in the dirt. They enjoy frolicking, rolling around on the ground and, if the grounds have the necessary moisture, taking mud baths. It’s why canines seldom come indoors clean. While you can’t keep your dog from doing any of these things, you can minimize or eliminate the places that they can get messy in. Cover your grounds with artificial turf.

  • Avoid grass discolorations

    Dog urine is one of the natural lawn’s worst enemies. They can stain and damage grass due to their high acidity, often affecting the soil enough to deter turf from thriving well. Secure artificial turf installation in Denver, CO, and this won’t be a part of your lawn maintenance concerns. Synthetic grass is urine-resistant. It won’t discolor even if your dog does his “business” on it often.

  • Have pristine, green grounds that’s fit for play

    Artificial grass is extremely durable and, depending on your choice of turf, kind to the paws. There are synthetic pet-friendly turfs that feature soft and spongy grass blades. Most feel like natural grass which will give your canine the full outdoor experience. Your dog will love walking and rolling on them!

In addition to these advantages, artificial turf is also extremely easy to maintain. You just need to rinse it with water whenever your dog “uses” it. Due to its excellent drainage system, you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant odors lingering.

Switch to Artificial Grass Today!

Give your dog lush, green grounds to play on without worrying about lawn upkeep and post-romp clean-ups. Cover your turf with synthetic pet-friendly grass with Denver Artificial Grass Pros.

We offer a wide selection of low-maintenance artificial grass for dogs in Denver—all of which feel like natural grass, have an efficient drainage system, and can withstand the elements. Just choose which types you want to install on your property, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Not sure what type of synthetic grass is the best fit for your home? We also offer expert turf consultation and landscaping solutions. Talk to our experts today at 720-802-4293!