Artificial Grass Is Pet-Safe: 5 Reasons Why

As a Denver pet owner, you may have concerns about potential hazards of synthetic grass for your furry companions. However, modern artificial turf is designed with pets in mind using non-toxic materials. 

When properly installed by professionals like Denver Artificial Grass Pros, artificial lawns can provide a safe, comfortable, and low-maintenance environment for pets. Here are five reasons you can feel confident installing artificial grass in your Denver yard:

Creating a Pet-safe Outdoor Environment with Artificial Grass - denver

Made From Non-Toxic Materials

The highest-quality artificial grass is composed of polyethylene plastic grass blades stitched onto a porous backing. Reputable artificial turf manufacturers use only non-toxic materials safe for pets and children. 

Your Denver artificial grass installer should provide a lead-safety certificate for any products they use. If your pet chews or digs on the synthetic grass, they may ingest a little bit of the plastic grass blades. However, polyethylene plastic is a stable, non-reactive plastic that passes through the body without issue. As always, supervise your pets to minimize any ingestion.

Resists Urine Discoloration and Odor

One great advantage of synthetic turf is urine resistance. With natural grass, urine patches can kill grass, causing brown spots and a residual odor. Artificial grass has tiny holes in the backing that allow liquid to drain through. As long as you pick up any solid waste promptly, the artificial lawn resists discoloration or smells from pet urine. This makes maintaining your lawn much simpler!

Easy Pet Waste Cleanup

Cleaning up pet waste is quick and painless with artificial grass. Simply pick up solid waste promptly before it has a chance to seep deep down to the backing. Then, spot clean any residue on the surface with pet-safe cleaners and rinse it away. 

Dried waste can be removed with a plastic putty knife or brush. The convenience of waste cleanup makes synthetic grass easier to keep clean for your pets than natural grass.

Cooler Surface Temperature

Unlike hardscaping materials like concrete, high-quality synthetic grass is engineered to remain cooler in the Denver sun. The polyethylene grass blades reflect more sunlight, while the porous backing allows heat to dissipate from underneath. As a result, it maintains a surface temperature 25° to 30° degrees cooler than asphalt or concrete on hot, sunny days. Your pets can play without the risk of scorched paws!

Doesn’t Harbor Fleas, Ticks or Other Pests 

Natural lawns are prone to fleas, ticks, and other pests that can spread parasites and disease to pets and humans. With artificial turf, irritating insects have nowhere to nest or hide. Keeping your pets off pest-prone grass reduces their exposure to dangerous vectors. Artificial grass provides them a healthier outdoor space year-round as an added benefit.

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Modern synthetic grass is specifically designed to provide a comfortable, hazard-free environment for pets. Improved drainage, easier cleaning, temperature regulation, and pest resistance allow your whole family to safely enjoy beautiful green grass every day of the year. Denver Artificial Grass Pros offers full-service installation of the highest-quality artificial grass products designed for pets. Get your free quote today by calling 720-802-4293 or sending us a message, and give your pets the yard they deserve!