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Dogs are precious members of the family, but they can certainly spell trouble for natural lawns! Keep your home beautiful while providing a wonderful space to play for your pets with artificial grass for dogs in Denver!


Most dogs don’t just snooze on the grass – they chomp on it, roll on it, sniff out everything in it! It’s fun! However, many hidden dangers are lurking in natural grass, not to mention the mess and damage they can do to your yard and home.

Most of those issues go away when you replace natural grass with artificial grass for dogs in Denver! Benefits include:

  • Non-toxic materials – synthetic turf materials like rubber infill and sand are free from toxins and other harmful chemicals
  • No more holes – your dogs can play hard for hours, and artificial grass will remain perfectly level and even
  • No more yellow grass and bare spots – dogs won’t be tempted to eat regular grass, and synthetic grass won’t wither or discolor due to pet urine
  • Easy cleanup – let the built-in drainage system take care of urine; just wash it away with some water and a mild detergent after your dog goes potty
  • No puddles, no mud – dirty, muddy tracks all over your carpets and floors are a thing of the past because artificial grass won’t create mud puddles even after a rainy day
  • Feels like the real thing – artificial turf is so soft and lifelike, your dogs won't even notice the difference!

Unlimited playtime for your dog, and none of the hassle for you! Not only that, but artificial grass offers so many benefits for you as well.

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Artificial grass is not just great for dogs; they also make your home better in significant ways. Here’s why so many people in Denver are making the switch to synthetic grass:

  • Only minor maintenance required.
    Maintaining a vibrant, healthy yard takes hours of backbreaking work. You also need to spend a lot of money on water, equipment, fertilizers, pesticides, and other materials to keep your lawn alive.

    With artificial grass, you can now sleep in on the weekends instead of mowing, watering, and working on your lawn! It only needs occasional rinsing and brushing to look as good as the day it was installed.

  • Free from toxins, allergens, and pests.
    Natural grass is full of insects, pollens, and residual toxins from fertilizers and weedicides, all of which can be risky for you and your loved ones. None of these are present on artificial grass, so you can ensure that everyone stays safe as they enjoy the outdoor space.

  • Major savings.
    Investing in artificial grass sets you up for long-term utility savings because you don’t need to water it anymore. Plus, the savings are not just financial – it also saves you all the stress and precious time that used to be spent on your natural lawn.

Denver Artificial Grass Pros can install artificial grass for dogs for any home or commercial pet spaces. Call us today at 408-317-0931 to request a quote or learn more about synthetic turf!

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