Determining the Ideal Time to Invest in an Artificial Turf Installation in Denver, CO

man sweeping artificial grass

When is the best time to get an artificial turf installation near Denver, CO? Should you get it done in the summer when it’s dry but hot, or during spring when the weather is milder? To make your decision on the matter easier, we discuss the pros and cons of installing synthetic grass in certain seasons.

Synthetic Grass Considerations for Every Season

Professional installers work year-round, so you can get installations for your home or business anytime you want. Their approach and process may vary depending on the weather. Here’s what you need to know about each season and how they affect artificial grass installations.

  • Spring

Spring is a popular season to do installations. It’s when the snow thaws and people are more intent on creating vibrant landscapes to erase winter’s lethargic ambiance. The weather is mild, making this period ideal for installers to carry out outdoor projects. In Denver alone, the temperature can range between 30 to 70 degrees.

The months of snow cover soften the ground come spring, making it easy to prepare for turf installation. However, there’s a chance that the occasional April shower can make the soil too wet. Natural grass also grows rapidly during spring. If you want to switch to synthetic grass, you’ll need to mow your lawn before you can start preparations.

  • Summer

Most people think that the summer is the best time to install synthetic turf in Denver. Not only is the weather a fair range between 55 to 86 degrees during the season, but days are longer as well. Call an installer early in the day, and there’s a huge chance that they’ll be able to wrap up the project before the end of the day.

Another advantage of installation during summer is that it makes yard preparation easier, especially if you’re converting a natural lawn. Natural grass grows fast in the summer. Leave it be for a few days, and you’ll soon have it at a length that’s easy to mow. The dry weather, however, can cause the lawn soil to become hard and difficult to dig up. If the ground is solid, soften the soil by watering it.

  • Autumn

Compared with summer, autumn is cooler at 30 to 70 degrees. It’s a more pleasant weather for carrying out best artificial turf installation in Denver, CO. The milder weather also means that the ground becomes softer, which makes digging up soil easier.

The daylight hours come fall, however, become shorter. While professional installers can complete projects fast, it is ideal to call them early. This will help ensure that they get the job done before dark sets in.

  • Winter

Even with winter’s frigid weather and the shorter days, turf installation is still possible during this season. At temperatures between 15 to 47 degrees, your lawn space is at its most dormant, making it highly accessible for installations. This means that there are fewer chances of plant damage when installing the turf.

However, you may need to reconsider installation if the soil is excessively wet. Wet, sticky soil can affect the base of your synthetic grass. Aside from this, acclimatizing the turf takes longer than usual due to the cold weather.

No Season is Off-Limits for Artificial Grass Installations

Barring storms, blizzards and other extreme weather conditions, artificial turf installation can be done at just about any time of the year. As long as you have a professional synthetic grass installer on the job, you can have a trouble-free synthetic lawn at the quickest and most reasonable time.

Whatever the season, you can count on Denver Artificial Grass Pros for a quick, worry-free, high-quality installation. We install everything from synthetic putting greens to high-quality artificial grass for dogs in Denver. Call us at 720-802-4293, and let’s get started on your project!