Is Artificial Turf Installation in Denver, CO Better than Natural Turf for Putting Greens?


Is Artificial Turf Better than Natural Turf for Putting GreensThe turf of your backyard putting green has a huge impact on its playability. If you want to putt like a pro, your greens need to have the same height, thickness and health all throughout. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time gauging your putts when you play. Natural grass is usually the go-to for golf courses, but an artificial turf installation in Denver, CO is better. Here’s why:

Immune to Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is a common problem in putting greens, but it doesn’t affect artificial golf turf. It happens when there’s too much moisture in the ground. The compaction causes the dirt particles to stick together rather than keeping them loose so they can breathe and let the water drain out.

The impaction makes it harder for roots to grow into the ground and absorb nutrients from the soil below them. Eventually, this leads to dead patches of grass where nothing will grow anymore. To avoid this, natural putting greens need regular soil aeration.

An artificial turf installation in Denver, CO doesn’t need loose, aerated soil to stay healthy and play-ready. So it doesn’t matter if the dirt under it is compacted.

Weather Resistant

Artificial grass is better than natural turf for putting greens because it won’t wilt, turn dry or get soggy from bad weather conditions.

Natural grass often only thrives in mild climates. If the weather is too hot, it needs more water to adjust. If it’s too cold, it could go dormant. And if it’s too wet, it could drown, get mold and mildew or catch turf diseases.

You don’t have to worry about any of that if you have a putting green made of synthetic grass for dogs in Denver. It has UV protection, which means it won’t burn or fade from the sun. It’s also resistant to water and frost damage, so you don’t have to worry about it when it’s rainy or it’s winter.

In short, you can continue playing on your putting green regardless of the weather.

Consistent Pile Height

First, artificial grass offers an even pile height that’s ideal for putting without any effort. On the other hand, natural grass needs careful upkeep to stay playable.

The reason for this is simple: artificial grass is made from polyethylene and other synthetic fibers. Turf manufacturers design them to have the exact same height and density all throughout.

Meanwhile, there’s no way to guarantee consistent grass growth.So you’ll have to fertilize, water and weed it to ensure it grows well, then mow or trim it to the height you prefer. Moreover, natural grass grows on dirt. That means it will compress under your feet when you walk on it, making the putting surface less consistent and more difficult to play on.

Enjoy Top-Tier Tee Times With Synthetic Turf in Denver

If you want to have the best backyard putting green on the block, you’ve come to the right place.

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