Who Provides Better Quality Artificial Grass Installation Services in Denver and Aurora, CO? No One!

Denver Artificial Grass Pros caters to the artificial turf needs of any commercial or residential property owner. Whether you need to cover an expansive or just a simple patch, we’re excited to lend you our expert knowledge and experience to install the perfect artificial turf for your needs.

It doesn’t matter if the weather is blisteringly hot or freezing cold, perfect sunshine or dark and dreary: everyone deserves to have a lawn they’re proud of. Better yet, it should be one that stays looking green and fresh regardless of the outside environment.

Ugly, dry and uneven areas of grass will be a thing of the past when you have an artificial grass lawn installed instead of your unpredictable natural one.

Not only do we install your artificial turf, but we help you with every aspect of the design process as well. It can be confusing to know which product will look best–and how and where to install it for maximum impact. With all our years of experience though, you can bet your bottom dollar that every installation will be a successful one.

Denver Artificial Grass Pros will help you look forward to a maintenance-free and stunning lawn–with none of the effort that artificial grass requires. You’re welcome.

Why Does Artificial Grass Beat Out the Competition?

Who wouldn’t want a lawn that looks perfect in every weather and condition, and never loses its beauty? No one. Who wouldn’t want a garden that doesn’t need intense maintenance–mowing, trimming, weeding and evening out? Yes, no one.

Contrary to popular opinion, artificial turf doesn’t just belong in commercial golf courses and sports fields. With so many advances in technology, artificial grass is now the obvious option for any residential or commercial situation.

We only install high quality products, and they feel and look just like a real lawn does. Not only are they safe and aesthetically appealing, they don’t require the maintenance of a traditional garden, too. And really, what more could you want?

If you need an extra bit of convincing, read on to discover why our customers love our products so much…

The Environment Really Matters

While everyone loves a financial benefit or two, it’s also vital to think about the environment as a whole. You’d think that artificial grass isn’t good for the environment, but the truth is exactly the opposite.

Did you know that every day, a typical American family uses around 48 gallons of water on their lawn alone? If this is the case for one family, think about how much water is being used to care for the grass of golf courses, parks, playgrounds, and schools each day, month, and year. The figures are staggering.

What makes this fact even worse is that water is a finite resource, and not all of it even goes directly to the soil as you’d expect. Once you factor in things like evaporation, water runoff and wind, you’ll start to realize that a whole load of water is wasted every time you try and care for a stubborn lawn. Worse, if you have a sprinkler system installed in your home, you’re probably using far more water and power than needed, even without you realizing it.

Make the switch to artificial turf and watch your household or commercial bills go down. The environment will breathe a sigh of relief, too.

Forget About Intensive Manual Labor

Almost everyone detests the frequent hours they spend with the mower, as they try to keep their grass length under control. Your time is far better spent with your family, friends, or simply doing something that makes you happy.

This is also the reason why so many people choose to spend money on a gardener instead of doing the maintenance themselves. Commercial property owners will also be familiar with the thousands of dollars they shell out every year just by employing staff to control their grassy areas for them.

Are you unhappily accustomed to the constant weeding, pruning, and fertilizing a lawn requires? Do you despair every time you see your pet digging a hole or an unwanted creature causing even more unwanted damage?

The thing is, these hours of intensive labor aren’t at all necessary. Artificial turf doesn’t require such maintenance, and more people are now catching on to the product’s benefits. Not only is it designed to stay green, but it doesn’t get easily damaged either. You can finally kiss pulling out weeds from your garden goodbye. Why not simply make the switch, and spend your weekends enjoying your backyard instead of taking care of it?

Protect Your Family and Household Pets

There’s probably at least one member of your family that experiences seasonal allergies, and one that makes enjoying your backyard all the more difficult. The symptoms of allergies often include dry or itchy eyes, a sore throat, sneezing, and skin rashes. The allergens that cause these are frequently found on natural grass.

Not only do these grass blades hold allergens, but also other foul substances hiding in the soil such as decomposing food, bacteria and fecal matter from unwanted garden visitors. Why relax in an area like this when you could be in an allergen-free zone?

Because artificial turf is designed with a feature called microbial silver, all the dirt and bacteria that live within the grass and soil will be eliminated. In fact, artificial blades will always stay clean, fresh and allergen free. You won’t even have to worry about unwanted pests and rodents, too. They’ll have to go elsewhere for their food.

Artificial turfs are also often installed with a shock absorbent layer underneath, so children can play without the fear of hurting themselves.

In a nutshell, artificial grass is always the safer solution, and the more beautiful one, too!

Artificial Turf Lasts Far Longer Than Traditional Grass

Unlike natural grass, which dries up and dies at every opportunity, or becomes a muddy mess when bad weather hits, artificial grass is designed to last for years while still looking great.

No matter what the season or weather exposure, the artificial blades will stay the same. Remember that an artificial turf lawn doesn’t require the constant care that a natural one does, as the acidity of the environment doesn’t make a difference. With no blades to grow, you won’t need to worry about keeping your lawn looking lush and full as the years go by.

Better yet, artificial grass lawns can last up to 20 years, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy your backyard, commercial facility, or golf course before it needs a replacement.

Don’t worry, Denver Artificial Grass Pros still plan to be here when that time comes around, so don’t forget to call on your favorite installation company to tackle the job!

Choose From Every Type of Turf

Every individual requires something different from their artificial turf, which is why we’re on hand to offer you the expert advice you need to make the right decision.

Do you have lots of pets? A heavy duty, high density lawn that doesn’t hold odors may be best for you to stop never-ending damage from a naughty hound. Are you in an area where it rains often? Then, you’ll need a system that drains easily!

Make sure you let us know exactly what your requirements are, and we’ll do our best to match you with the perfect product. After all, a child day care center is going to have different requirements than a football field, and you should be offered service that cares about that.

Our priority is for you to feel happy and satisfied, and we’re confident that our many turf options will achieve just that.

We Care Because You Care

Unlike many other companies, we truly care about your individual needs. We won’t be happy unless you are, because a satisfied customer means we’ve done our job well.

At Denver Artificial Grass Pros, we focus entirely on giving you the best experience possible, from when you first contact us to when you’re enjoying your newly installed artificial grass. We know our level of service is second to none, which is why we proudly talk about it! Choose our team, and feel safe in the knowledge that you’re selecting an installation company with thousands of happy customers already behind them.

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We can’t wait for you to contact us and begin your artificial turf project!


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