How to Choose Blade Height for Artificial Grass Installation in Denver

Understanding the Impact of Blade Height on Artificial Turf - denver

One of the most important decisions for artificial grass installation in Denver is the blade height, or pile height, you select. The height of the grass blades makes a dramatic difference in how realistic your new lawn will look. It also impacts the feel underfoot and maintenance requirements. Here’s your guide for picking the perfect blade height for your needs:

What Is Blade Height?

Blade height refers to the length of the grass blades that make up artificial turf. It is typically measured in inches or millimeters. The blades are attached to a woven backing to create the artificial grass.

Manufacturers offer a range of pile heights, usually from 1” up to 2.5” or more. The taller the blades, the plusher and more natural the lawn will feel. Shorter blades create a tighter, more manicured appearance.

Visual Impact of Blade Height

The height of your artificial grass blades will determine the look and aesthetic of your new lawn. Shorter pile heights around 1” have a very uniform, golf-course style appearance. This can look great for contemporary gardens and yards with clean lines.

Medium pile heights of 1.5”-2” are ideal for most lawns, as they offer a lush, realistic look. The blades will gently sway and react to movement, much like real grass. This medium height offers the truest authentic grass appearance.

Finally, longer 2.5”+ blades create a very thick, shaggy effect. This can work well for a cottage garden feel, or to blend with natural grasses. However, the longer blades are more likely to flatten out without consistent maintenance.

How Blade Height Feels Underfoot

The density and softness you feel when walking across your artificial lawn will depend on the blade height. Shorter piles around 1” feel tight and firm, almost like low carpet. This works well for light foot traffic areas.

For yards with kids or pets, a medium 1.5”-2” height provides cushioning and support underfoot. The flexible blades compress pleasantly, absorbing impact. Areas with heavy foot traffic require a plush 2”-2.5” pile for comfort.

Maintenance Impact of Blade Height

Proper maintenance is key to keeping any artificial grass looking pristine. The required upkeep will depend partly on your chosen blade height.

With shorter 1” grass, maintenance is minimal. Simply occasionally brush the blades upright. Medium heights of 1.5’-2” require weekly to monthly brushing to prevent matting and grain.

Longer grass blades 2.5”+ demand the most care. These should be brushed 2-3 times per month minimum, plus spot cleaning for flattened areas. This added maintenance preserves the lush appeal.

Choosing the Right Blade Height

When deciding on blade height, first consider your desired look. Short for a tidy, uniform turf. Medium for optimal realism. Or long for a shaggy, relaxed vibe.

Next, think about the lawn’s purpose. Short works for decorative areas with light foot traffic. Medium offers great durability for yards, pets, and kids. Long provides plushness for heavy traffic zones.

Finally, factor in maintenance commitments. Are you willing to brush and groom the grass regularly? Shorter piles need less work. Go longer if you can devote time to upkeep.

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